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Obama for your mama December 2, 2008

Filed under: Bria Myles — ilovebriamyles @ 10:55 pm



3 Responses to “Obama for your mama”

  1. BigHRD2 Says:

    President Obama is the man, he loves the ladies
    I’m sure.

  2. BigHRD2 Says:

    i thought it was somewhat not proper to write in on name
    tags, President Obama is the most educated president
    i’ve ever known, to me Bill Clinton didn’t have that much
    education. Bria you got have a little respect for your president
    and realize he is not a trend, he’s the real deal not hating
    on you Bria, but this is the 44th President not the 42nd or 43rd.

  3. David Carter Says:

    You are the best video vixen out there!

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